Caught By Surprise

So last night, I was absolutely sure I wasn’t getting laid. Cyrus has had the flu for a few days and last night was the worst of his symptoms. He was delirious and running a fever on top of a severe headache. He could hardly move by himself, it was so sad to see him like that.

I busied myself taking care of him all night. We even had a fight but I know it was only him not feeling well. Anyways, he slept on the couch for an hour or so. Meanwhile, I changed the bedsheets and laid out some warm pjs for him.

It took some convincing but I finally got him into bed. He was whining and shivering despite the layers of bedding I had piled on top of him. I slipped my pants off without bothering to find my own pjs and climbed into the bed beside him.

Pulling him into my arms, I whispered soothing sounds of reassurance and that he was going to be okay until he finally stopped shaking. Lying beside him, I tried to keep my always cold as Ice feet away from him but he quietly insisted I should come closer. Scooting myself right up next to him, I snuggled against his neck. He reached down and pulled on my leg telling me to put it on top of him. So I did.

He immediately began rubbing along my inner thigh, down to my knee then back up towards my hip. He rubbed back and forth a few times, I couldn’t help rocking my hips and making soft noises of enjoyment in his ear. Just then he whispered, “I wanna make you cum, so you can sleep like a baby next to me tonight.”

His sudden shift of focus from his incredible discomfort to making me cum caught me off guard. I practically melted from his sweet thoughtfulness. He rubbed more vigorously pushing up higher each time. Finally, he pushed my thighs apart and rubbed my pussy through my panties.

He always had the perfect touch and last night was no different. He pushed me right to the edge within only a minute or two. My body writhed beside him as I came the first time. He shoved his pants down to his knees and said something about needing his cock inside me, now. He emphasized the last word and rolled towards me attempting a side by side position. That didn’t quite work, so he turned onto his back again and said, “Come get on Daddy’s cock!” I was already on it!

He gripped my hips tightly and pounded his body up into mine. I was already coming again, my pussy clenched tightly and my entire body shook on top of his. He grinned, “That’s my good girl!” He continued fucking me throughout my orgasm, his sickness had disappeared completely and his eyes were beaming up at me. When I finally stopped convulsing, he told me I had cured him. He repeated it again as I felt his cock begin to throb inside me. “Oh fuck fuck fuck!” He cried out the words that always meant one thing, he was gonna cum! Letting him thrust once more, I pulled myself quickly off of him.

Collapsing on the bed beside him, my body reacted to his and we both came together. His hot cum gushed out onto his stomach in spurts that matched the timing of his entire body as it spasmed beside me. A few minutes later, he got up to clean up the mess. When he returned, I pulled him into my arms and held on tightly. I drifted to sleep wondering how I had found someone so perfect… it was incredible!


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