High On You

“OH! MY! GOD!” She gasps between each word, her entire body convulsing uncontrollably. An amazing euphoria overtakes her senses, her muscles still quivering, she floats on a high no drug could ever induce. Momentarily, she returns to reality. She is greeted by his smug grin.

He is clearly amused by his ability to make her cum so easily. “I’m just getting started with you, little girl.” As he speaks, he begins sliding his perfect cock back into her dripping wet slit.

Her eyes roll back in her head as he hits her back wall, she cries out loud again. “Oh! Fuuuckk!”

He smirks, still enjoying his special power over her, thrusting his hips back and forth teasingly. She can barely breathe as he brings her right back to the edge.

She’s lost her ability to form any cohesive thoughts, flying sky high on desire in its purest form. Just as her pussy clenches tightly, he pulls back abruptly. She squirms beneath him while protesting in a series of whimpers and whines.

He chuckles, still halfway inside her, he rocks his body side to side.

She blinks up at him pleadingly, searching for words to beg him not to stop. Her thighs squeezing him tightly, she rocks her hips towards him desperately.

He taunts her in a soft coo, “You wanna cum for me?”

Her head bobs anxiously.

He repeats his question, “You wanna cum for me?” reaching down to rub her clit.

In her stupor, she somehow gets out an “uh-huh”, nodding her head.

The third time he asks her he puntuates each word with a thrust forward. “You? Wanna? Cum? For? Me?”

She digs her nails into his back and squeezes her thighs around his body. Only a moment later, she is lost as the orgasm overtakes her. She gasps out his name, her body shaking violently. Finally, the quivering subsides and she lies there panting breathlessly.

Her eyes are glazed and glossy, she is beyond high with a goofy smile plastered across her face.

He rolls off her with a grin as big as hers. “You need a break, little girl.”
An hour later, she is still in a fuzzy daze.

He is lying beside her, propped up on one elbow, smoking a Marlboro.

She admires his sexy body. His smooth brown skin is decorated with beautiful symbolic ink, his chest and and abs are picture perfectly toned, and he has that line on his lower torso that she wants to drag her tongue across.

He smiles and asks, “You okay?” His dimples make her melt.

She cant stop smiling, still under the power of his mysterious spell. Again, it’s a struggle to form words of agreement. She just nods her head, still grinning.

“You ready for Round Two, little girl?” He flashes another charming grin, putting his smoke out in the ashtray on the table beside his bed. Reaching out, he pushes the blanket aside and pinches her nipple. Holding on tightly, he shakes his head and says teasingly, “You’re not ready.”

Her teeth are clamped together tightly in response to the pain, and yet her pussy is still so wet. As if he could hear her thoughts, he sticks his hand between her thighs. Closing her eyes, she moans softly as he rubs her.

Another grin as he brings his fingers to his lips, “Still so wet.” Tasting them he adds a long “mmmm” before finally releasing his grasp on her nipple.

She whimpers softly, both her nipples are painfully hard.

He traces them with his finger before he brings his mouth to her breast. As he sucks, he looks up at her with his dark eyes beaming. She can feel his dick standing hard against her, he reads her thoughts again and rocks his hips forward, “You want some more?”

Biting her bottom lip, she nods her head. He climbs to his knees between her legs, holding his cock in his hand. He rubs the tip along her wet lips, making her squirm. He pushes inside her tight hole just enough to make her moan then he pulls back again.

A cocky smile on his face, he asks her again if she is ready for him.

She wants him so bad she can barely stand it. She utters a soft, “Please.”

He gives in and slides deep inside her. He¬†shows her no mercy this time, eliciting loud moans as he pounds inside her relentlessly. He doesn’t slow down when he slams into her back wall again, instead he fucks her harder, testing the limits of her body.

His roughness is causing a painful burning between her legs and makes her wonder if he will split her in two. She doesn’t know if she should beg him to stop or beg him for more.

Just then, he tips forward on top of her and buries his face in her neck. “Cum for me.”

She obeys immediately. The explosion inside her makes her back arch high up off the bed.

Finally slowing his unbelievable pace, he praises her obedience, “Good girl.”

She wonders if she is dreaming and mutters, “Oh. My. God.”

Kissing her forehead, he snidely declares, “I’m not done with you yet.” Ripping a condom open and rolling it down over his shiny cock, he orders, “Turn over.”

Flushed and starry – eyed, she flips onto her stomach.

Mmmm” he growls, grabbing a handful of her hair. Lifting her ass in the air, he eases inside her from behind.

She wobbles on shaky legs as her body accepts him with a little less pain this time.

With much less concern for her comfort, he thrusts hard. His body slams against her ass, while he pulls on her hair, hard. His cock is throbbing inside her, it feels like it will explode.

And then it does, he pounds harder as his cum pours out of him.

She feels like she might pass out or may be even die right there on the spot. Her body reacts with another orgasm, rocking through her muscles. She bucks and moans for a full minute.

Finally, he pulls out and she collapses forward onto the bed.

Fuzzy and floating, she smiles as he pulls the blanket up over her.

Kissing her forehead again, he softly says, “Now, you’re done.”


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