Dinner and Dessert

After Cyrus and I had a fight, I stayed home for a few days to take a break. Friday afternoon I finally went to see him. Dressed up for a meeting I had earlier that day, I was looking extra nice in a new dress. I knew he noticed as soon as I walked in. Sitting close beside him, we talked about what we had been doing during our time apart. The entire time, my insides were on fire! It took all my energy to control myself enough to follow our conversation. Passing me his cigarette, he grinned smugly, “You look like you want to rip me apart!” All I could do was grin back at him, my heart racing in my chest. Somehow I controlled myself for a few more hours, despite the thought lingering continuously at the edge of my mind.

A few hours later, after we had eaten dinner, we were relaxing on his couch. He leaned back and I snuggled close to his chest. I ran my hand down over his abs as I kissed his neck softly, I whispered, “I missed you, sexy.” I pushed my hand further on top of his pants, and felt his cock twitch in response. He stretched out further and groaned out loud, “Baby, I just ate. I’m too full.” But he didn’t stop me. I kept kissing and rubbing until his dick began to swell. He finally relented with a smile, “You want some of this baby?” As he spoke, he pulled his pants down enough to show me his cock.

Smugly, he continued to tease me, gripping his cock and waving it like a treat. My mouth salivating, I silently begged him with my eyes. Looking back and forth from his eyes to his lap, I waited for his permission. He relented, “One kiss” holding his finger up to empathize his seriousness. I dove forward and pressed my open lips to the tip, letting my tongue glide over it too. Then, I pulled myself back obediently.

He looked pleased, “One more?” I didn’t respond, eagerly I pounced and repeated the kiss. He gripped the back of my hair and pulled me back up, hard. He held me there, my back arched for a moment before he shoved his hand between my thighs. His eyes glowing he said, “You’re so wet!” Then he pulled me forward until my face was inches from his cock again. He nodded and I attacked his cock, shoving it deep into my throat.

I couldn’t breathe, tears were running down my face as I fought my urge to gag on his huge cock. Just then, his hand came down hard on my ass cheek. It felt like he lit me on fire, I cried out and he laughed, obviously amused. I somehow managed to angle myself perfectly for his dick to slide another inch down (up?) my throat. Just then, his fingers were on my pussy lips again, he knows just the way to touch me!

Bouncing around on my knees, I struggled to keep my balance while he rubbed my clit. With another chuckle, he teased, “You gonna cum for me already?” He twisted his hand, shoving two fingers deep inside me. I couldn’t hold on any longer! I shuddered and shook as I came. My pussy squeezed tight around his fingers, he continued to fuck me with them as I kept coming uncontrollably.

Pulling his fingers out, he smiled as he brought them to his lips, “Mmmm!” His cock was throbbing as he pushed it back down my throat. I could taste his cum leaking from his dick as I kept sucking feverishly. He moaned out loud, grabbed my hair and shoved his dick deeper. His hot cum spilled down my throat as he thrust his hips up and down beneath me. When every drop had gone down my throat, I fell back into the couch still shaking. Looking up at him, he smiled and asked me, “How’d you like dessert?”


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